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  • Dr. Kathryn Carlson, DVM

    Hometown: Dallas, Texas

    Education: UC Davis 1991

    I Am a Vet Because...I love interacting with my patients and their significant others. Keeping that bond connected is my life's passion.

    My Favorite Part of the Workday is... When I see a new pet from a previous client whose pet has passed. The happiness is so contagious.

    What Inspires Me... The strength and purpose of the Human Animal Bond. The feeling I get when it is obvious I made a pet or client happy! Also, the satisfaction of solving a hard case after hours of hands on medicine, client education, and referral consultation.

    The Pet I Will Never Forget... Stevie Wonder; a 6 week old Blind Doxie puppy that I was supposed to euthanize, and instead was able to pick from half a dozen other clients wanting the precious pup. He lived a long happy life.

    I Could Not Do My Job Without... My clients and staff. They are the real heros.

    Things I Value Most... Honest communication, my clients that understand how hard this profession is and the hard work that goes into saving lives and stamping out disease.

    Something People Don't Know About Me... I am a certified Reiki practitioner, I am a rabid baseball fan, and I LOVE Country western music!

    I Relax By... Reading on my front porch with my dogs, and spending quality time in Montana with friends.

  • Dr. Allison Bradshaw, DVM

    Hometown: Wichita, KS. Home of the Shockers, the River Festival, and Kirstie Alley.

    Education: Kansas State University - no not the Jayhawks, the other one. Go Wildcats!

    I Am A Vet Because... I used to collect all the baby birds in the neighborhood and try to save them. This inspired the passion to work with animals according to my parents. This career gives me the opportunity to work with 2 things I love- animals and people.

    My Favorite Part of the Workday is... First thing in the morning. I am a morning person and get most things accomplished early in the day. But in this profession, there are always interesting cases and fun clients to talk to so our days go by very fast.

    What Inspires Me... I am inspired daily by a few things. One is the happy and fun nature of animals, sometimes despite bad things happening to them. The other is my technicians- they are all very hard working and dedicated to their jobs. They get into the field because they love animals, and stay in the field because they love the bond they create with their owners too.

    The Pet I Will Never Forget...My very first dog ever, Bonnie. She also happened to be my very first patient when I graduated from vet school. She had distemper and her owner did not want her after she was healed from her pneumonia. She was my buddy and running partner for 13 years. She loved everyone and was the happiest dog.

    I Could Not Do My Job Without... My dog Stevie comes to work with me everyday- he is a great work buddy. Also the support staff at work. It would be impossible to do my job without them. From reception staff to boarding- they are great!

    Things I Value Most... These are the intangible things- my fiance, Andre, his daughter Gloria who is 11 years old, my family, and our dog Stevie.

    Something People Don't Know About Me... What relaxes me is exercise. I make time almost every day to run or go hiking. Also I have been a vegetarian for over 2 years. Don't get me wrong though- I love chocolate and watching TV too:)

    I Relax By... Running, hiking, reading, and spending time with my fiance and his daughter.

  • Dr. David Jeffrey, BSc/BVMS

    I'm originally a South African immigrant into the US but I grew up in Southern California. I got my veterinary degree in Western Australia and while there I had some amazing opportunities to work with native wildlife and companion exotics. During my 5 years in Australia I worked as a SCUBA instructor during the summer and whale shark swim/dive tour guideduring the winter. I love all water sports and I have some experience and interest in fish medicine. I am also a licensed venomous snake handler and have experience with venomous snake surgery and medicine.

     Hometown: Lake Forest CA

    Education: BS University of California Irvine

    BSc BVMS Murdoch University in Western Australia

     I Am a Vet Because...Unfortunately there can only ever be one David Attenborough. Growing up I always wanted to be a zoologist traveling the globe and making documentaries on all the amazing critters from the depths of the sea to the deepest jungles. My love of anatomy and biology in high school placed me on the path to study human medicine but fortunately I saw the light and after my first shift cleaning out kennels at a vet hospital I was hooked.

     My Favorite Part of the Workday is...The initial excitement and anticipation of looking at my appointment list first thing in the morning. What old friends will I be seeing today? What new friends will I be making? What interesting cases will I be seeing?

     What Inspires Me...Any of the numerous and amazing people out there working toward improving animal welfare and health.

    The Pet I will never forget...Bo the Columbian red tailed boa constrictor was my first pet that I hadn't caught in my parents backyard. I wasn't allowed to have a dog, so when I was ten my father brought home a little baby snake that I instantly fell in love with. Since then I've kept numerous varieties of snakes, lizards, fish, cats, and of course my two wonderful little dogs.

     I could not do my job without...The love and support of my amazing wife and family, and the assistance of my talented colleagues.

    Things I value most...The opportunity to work in a field that I love and that I find so rewarding.

    Something people don't know about me...I was born in South Africa, I'm a certified SCUBA instructor, I'm a licensed venomous snake handler, and I used to sing in a band.

    I Relax By...The happiest place on earth for me is at least 60 feet under the sea...either that or relaxing on a white sand beach after the dive

  • Dr. Stan Wallace, DVM

    Hometown: Jefferson City, Missouri

    Education: Bachelor of Science - Southwest Missouri State. Doctor of Veterinary Medicine - University of Missouri. 

    I Am a Vet Because... I had no choice. Got bit by the ‘vet bug’ at the young age of 16 working in my first pet hospital. Yes…cleaning cages!

    My Favorite Part of the Workday is... The end of the workday when the white lab coat gets placed on its hanger…Shows all the rewarding events of the day. A nice collection of dirty paw prints, lots of slobber from wet kisses, and clumps of hair from happy wagging tails. Makes me smile… life is good!

    What Inspires Me... Good owners that want the very best care for their pets…and a medium well done bacon cheeseburger… with fries.

    The Pet I Will Never Forget...Precious, an 18 year old cocker that I had the privilege of caring for the last 6 years of her life. A pet that survived a life threatening dog fight with 6 weeks in intensive care involving multiple surgeries to save her life. She was abandoned by her owner through this whole ordeal and eventually took her rightful spot… the couch in my living room! Miss you Precious.

    I Could Not Do My Job Without... Two things… the unending dedication of all the veterinary staff members I have had the honor of working with… and my family…what a high standard of compassion and caring they set. Unbelievably giving people. 

    Things I Value Most... Gaining the trust of pet owners… and the relationship I have with my family…so lucky.

    Something People Don't Know About Me... Ha Ha…my secret life as a wanna be musician. Playing my French Horn in community orchestras over the years is my hidden passion. Love to play that horn…sometimes good… sometimes scary!

    I Relax By... Weight training and long walks with my finance Jan and our golden retriever Luke… then finding the bottom of a beach chair. 

  • Dr. Rambaud

    Hometown: Upland, CA

    Education: University of Minnesota 2009

    I Am a Vet Because… This profession combines my love of medicine and animals. Nothing is more rewarding than nursing a patient back to health and seeing the delight in their family’s eyes. 

    My Favorite Part of the Workday is... When I learn something new! I love acquiring knowledge and using it to aid my clients and patients.

    What Inspires Me... The human-animal bond. Those of us who work in veterinary medicine are fortunate to witness unconditional love on a daily basis.

    The Pet I Will Never Forget…Jordie, the dog my parents adopted after two years of steady begging from me and my sister. She was the kindest and gentlest animal I have ever known.

    I Could Not Do My Job Without…an amazing support staff at work and a wonderful family at home. 

    Things I Value Most... compassion, integrity, constant learning.

    Something People Don't Know About Me... Veterinary medicine is my second profession. I have a degree in English literature and used to work in the publishing industry. I will always be an avid reader.

    I Relax By... reading, lifting weights, and spending time with my family and numerous pets.  

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  • "I have never been to a more caring and loving animal hospital in my life. The staff is wonderful. The vet techs loved on and treated my dog like he was their own. The Dr.’s have an amazing line of communication and kept in touch with both my husband and I before, during and after our dogs surgery. They really do treat your pet as if it were their own, and not just another patient number or dollar sign. To see the genuine love and comfort they offered my dog and the others who were there, made my heart content knowing
    what good hands he was in. I can’t recommend this place enough. Everyone from the receptionists at the front to the whole team in the back is outstanding. Thank you, Village Park Animal Hospital, for all that you did for us and Sampson, and what you do everyday for all your lucky fur
    - Lisa & Martin S. | Palm Desert, CA

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